Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Top Tips to Design a Frosted Business Card

A well-designed frosted business card adds authenticity to your business. It has the capability of making you stand out of the crowd and make a good and lasting impression on others. However, there are some guidelines to follow in order to make your visiting card outstanding and exceptionally impressive.

Stick to good design principles

After selecting the design, make sure you keep proper spacing and design your card to give clear and distinct information about you and your company.

Get creative with the size and shape

There are no hard and fast rules to have your business card in stereotyped shape and size. Depending on your business type, you can use your creativity and alter the shape and size of the cards.

Avid common mistakes

Do not agree to the font size and borders which the printer suggests to you. Make your specifications clear beforehand.

Use special and suitable finish

The material and the finish of the card is very important. Make sure you choose the one that fits in your business type.

Make it useful

Nowadays people are designing their business cards in such a way that one can make a decorative piece out of it. This can be the product you manufacture or offer. This will leave a great impression on the recipient.

Recycle old cards

Old visiting cards, envelops and postcards can be recycled and used for business cards. It will help you stay environmentally friendly and help you express your creativity in an innovative and exciting way. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

How to Promote Your Business through Print Media

When you are launching or re-establishing your business, one of the most important things that will make you stand from your rivals, is a well-established branding of your business. Even though digital world is covered with most part of branding and marketing, you will find that you can use print media to promote yourself in numerous ways.

Print media enhances your relevance

Yes, this is true. When you present your clear business card to someone you have just met, he is definitely going to get impressed by your ever-ready and professional attitude. This shows the recipient that you are more than just a list of skills. You can use print media in many ways to brand yourself and your business. Feel free to use your creativity, but make sure you know what is appropriate for your business type.

Print makes you more impressive

You must be aware that there is lot of competition in any kind of business you are in. So, in order to be outstanding and become memorable in the crowd of businesses, you need to do something that is exclusive. If you choose quality material and attractive design and printing, your business card will make you more memorable to the contact.

Print presents you as a versatile person

Print can present you in lots of different ways than you can imagine of. This will make your brand more recognizable. It shows that you are prepared for anything with your business card and can be present and stay connected even if there is no internet connection.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Translucent Business Cards: How They Benefit Your Business in Smart Way

Business cards are pretty common, yet extremely functional and practical way of promoting and advertising business. It is one of the most effective and cost efficient marketing tool that has received alteration several times right from the time it was started. The traditional business card made of paper, which normally pops up in our mind when someone mentions visiting cards, has been replaced rapidly by translucent business cards.

Benefits of using translucent business cards

Usually the translucent cards are of the same size or maybe slightly longer than the ones made of paper. They are made of plastic and are safe from normal wear and tear. Dirt or moisture bring no harm to these cards and they can stay in someone’s purse or wallet for much long than you can imagine.
If you get the translucent cards from the right manufacturer, you will have the best quality and finish on your sturdy cards. The company’s name, logo, contact details and your message will be conveyed in user friendly way along with attracting your client to have business relationship with you. No matter what your business type is, the translucent business card is going to leave the best impression on your potential client.

The future

Translucent cards might be a new thing for many, but it definitely has a great future. They are replacing the cards made of paper very fast. So, why not be a distinguished marketer and have them so that you and your business stands out. If you want to gather more information, visit 100yellow.com.